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Please let me know if you would like to join our group, please bring it up at your meeting to see how many are interested.

I will give Elisabeth a count next week.


Thursday, April 21st 9-noon Diaper bank.


Do you (and or a friend ) wish to assist? 
I realize we have some that are working during these hours. Elisabeth didn't give me a weekend choice.

Hi, I could host your group of 15 or fewer  

 Sessions run 9 AM-Noon. Let me know and I will send more info about the session.

The group would be assisting us in the repackaging of children's products - out of the big manufacturer's boxes into small bundles of 10. This facilitates equitable and easy distribution to those in need by our 40 community partners, all over Southern Arizona. This is a relaxing and surprisingly enjoyable activity. Can be done sitting down.

 Everyone should wear closed-toed shoes and feel free to bring a drink with a lid. I will provide a mid-task snack. In our open and airy warehouse area, masks are at your discretion. Everyone here is vaccinated and/or boosted. You will enter thru the gate in the chain link, which I will open wide so you can park in there, too. Let me know if you have questions.

Elisabeth Monsma volunteer coordinator
Diaper Bank of Southern AZ
1050 S. Plumer Ave Tucson, AZ. 85719
(520) 325.1400


Yours in Rotary,